Segolame Boy


  • BotswanaCountry
  • 07/11/92Born
  • MidfielderPosition
  • 176 cmHeight
  • 64 KgWeight
  • SmallJersey
  • 8Shoe (UK)

Previous Clubs

Constituency tournaments (2009-2012:Captain), Miscellaneous (2012-2014:Captain), Township Rollers (July 2014 till date)


Segolame Smarh Boy has earned the reputation of the most feared Attacking midfielder in the Botswana Premier League due to his quick pace, shot accuracy and mazy moves. It is obvious why he is highly regarded by his fellow teammates in Rollers as well as in the National Team. Segolame blends a brilliant pass-and-move technique with outstanding tenacity in winning tackles and an accurate eye for the goal.

Born in Botswana’s largest copper mining town Selibe Phikwe, and then brought up in Serowe, Smarh(wonder boy), the name his loved supporters call him by at Rollers, developed a knack of football at a juvenile age of 8 years. He proudly represented his junior and secondary school teams in all competitions, gaining enough fame to be recognised and be selected into the constituency tournaments by 2009. Segolame proudly captained his club in the constituency leagues.

There was more success to follow as he was selected to play for Miscellaneous FC in 2012. The Phikwe resident displayed spectacular goal scoring prowess in the Serowe based outfit for 2 seasons.
During his captainship tenure at Miscellaneous, he always posed a big threat to Township Rollers. Running down the memory lane, Boy proudly cherishes his fixture against Township Rollers in 2013, where he helped his side Miscellaneous to equalise at 2-2 after trailing behind the blues. He magnificently scored the opening goal for Miscellaneous in that fixture to get the scoreline to 2-1 and then, a killer assist helped Miscellaneous equalise at 2-2 with Popa. Boy’s remarkable attitude of never giving up has developed each and every time in the fixtures he has played all over these years.

Unfortunately the Boy’s Serowe based Club saw a downfall in their performance in the season 2013-14, which caused them a relegation, but Rollers, noticing this midfielders defense splitting passes and thunderous stinger shots at the goals in all his performances, penned him down in 2014.

As the master of interception, Smarh possesses an incredible skill attribute and outstanding ability to adapt to any gameplan and formation. A tireless worker, Boy gives 100 percent on the pitch, and each time he plays, goals are said to be Boy’s daily bread and butter. Segolame, as a playmaker, has also firmly established himself into the national team in 2014 due to his consistently high-quality performances in the most demanding fixtures with Rollers.

This right-footed star won the hearts of many Rollers Fans after he made his debut with Popa in the 2014 Kabelano Charity Cup, leading the Blues win the cup for the third time. He has displayed a wide variety of footballing prowess since the 2014-15 league has commenced, which many supporters endeared him to be the next Mogakolodi Tsotso Ngele at Rollers. Boy noted saying “I am glad to be with Township Rollers,and as for replacing Tsotso, that will never be an easy thing. I know it may look easy from the exterior after noticing my performance, but I believe I have to work twice as hard to even come close to what Tsotso offered Rollers. Ngele has done very well for Rollers, and the nation, and will continue doing so for years to follow.” He added saying “I admire Ngele as my role model and shall take things one step at a time.”

Although he plays behind our main strikers, and sometimes leads the line as a shadow striker, Boy possesses the pace to burn and deliver a long raking pass. Boy is just as effective as creative in making chances as he is in taking them.


  1. an exciting prospect cant wait to c him play

  2. Welcome home sir. Home sweet home. We love you and even eager for your Ernest hard work. Enjoy the game of football.

    Thank you and thank you sir.

  3. wellcome to the’BLUES’ re go amogela ka diatla tsotlhe tse di tletseng lorato la ‘POPA’ .AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO BRING ALONG BARCLAYS KABELANO CUP” thank you thank YOU SIMER

  4. The Wonder Boy u doing a Wonder job. keep it up man that’s gr8.

  5. u hav a very big talent ma brother…may God bless u in yo career

  6. u r duin a wondaful job da wonda boy…..keep on rollin em

  7. This guy made us proud Zebras vs Zimbabwe.Promiding talent.

  8. Magic in his feet

    # Boy…u a welcm sir

  9. this guy has talent.. may God bless him even more in all aspects of his life

  10. Touch screen,ur combination with Sikele,swere and Jlo eish……….

  11. he is a very talented young player,

  12. he is a very talented young player,wish u al th bst auty yaka

  13. my best player in Bots,

  14. keep working hard,, popa will take you places,, uv gt a bright future ahead of u.

  15. a gud player

  16. what a good player

  17. what an icon’. i do remember when he was giving our players hard time in bmobile cup game we won last season. Smarh ke rata tshameko ya gago.

  18. Yah thats a star in the rising right there jelus down….The boy is gifted no doubt…Let him maintain the right atitude and dicipline he will go very far…

  19. a god player.tsotso a feletse

  20. What a player….You are a Star ma man.

  21. An amazing player indeed…

  22. thats ma boy

  23. what a player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. You need to start to be bold on the ball, own the ball and don’t release the ball quickly!!

  25. Boy u a so great keep it up

  26. the wonder boy u such a killer

  27. good control. good target ,good passing ,homeboy excellence is ahead of you ,prosper player of the season this season 2015/2016..and call me re tle go receiver award re le togehter .

  28. the monna a ko o hole, I miss that bicycle celebration. Speedy recovery mfana and be blessed

  29. the silent assassinator….ba bolaaaaaye Touch Screen

  30. wonder kid, touch sreen


  32. AKA Smatssuuuuu…smatsatsa…. heela nfana yoo one are thaba di-KIchin thata ko Meepong CJSS.

    bolaya di team Smatsuuu

  33. S,boy
    Favorite player

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