Maano Ditshupo


  • BotswanaCountry
  • 20/01/1985Born
  • MidfielderPosition
  • 174 cmHeight
  • 63 KgWeight
  • MediumJersey
  • 8Shoe (UK)

Previous Clubs

FC Satmos (2005-2007), Lisburn Distillery(United Kingdom, 2007-2008), Extension Gunners (2008-2012), Township Rollers (2012 till date)


Maano Abutrekka Ditshupo is a versatile attacking midfielder, combined with a mixture of power and poise, and is well versed in piloting the pace of the game, especially when deployed in the deep midfield role. With his vast experience and a wide catalogue of skills, his resourcefulness illustrates a wealth of football intelligence.

All the way from Serowe, Maano developed a liking for football at a young age while schooling. He played for junior and secondary school teams, representing them in all club competitions. Observing a scintillating performance as a kid, Ace Obonye (may his soul rest in peace) took charge to coach and polish the developing midfielder at ELDEN BROTHERS in Serowe. Ditshupo respects and credits Ace Obonye for teaching him all his footballing skills he possesses today.

Maano started his professional footballing career in the Premier League with FC Satmos in 2005. Spending a tenure of 2 years at the Phikwe based club, Ditshupo moved to United Kingdom to play for Lisburn Distillery(Northern Ireland) in 2007. With innate skills learnt at a foreign club, Ditshupo returned back to Botswana in 2008, signing a 4 year deal with the Lobatse side – Extension Gunners. Having represented in the Gunners side with aplomb in every season, Ditshupo aided Mapantsula to win the Coca Cola 2010-2011 Champions Cup.

With his notable performance at the Lobatse side, Rollers signed him up in 2012. Abutrekka enjoyed every season at Rollers displaying spectacular box-to-box responsibilities and performing effectively very well on midfield. Ditshupo, as the vice-captain, has aided Popa to win the 2013-14 League title, and win the Kabelano Charity Cup in 2014.

An authoritative versatile and technically gifted player, Ditshupo stays solid in the midfield, fearless in any challenge and brings considerable pace and attacking prowess into the gameplay.


  1. Re ka re fela ra re, realeboga. Fa o batla phenyo le rona, fa o taboga re ema ka dinao, Fa o itumetse rea tshega, fa o bereka rare mmatla phofu ya gagabo. Rra ramasedi o a bona. Bonokopila, bopelotelele, go bereka ka thata go tlaa re gorosa. A Modimo a bakwe.

  2. u really lov yo job MR….RA LEBOGA

  3. Team with out back bone is dead, we do appreciate your input and hard work in the team but 1 time I’ll like to see you simply taping the ball in side the net than seeing a speed powerful short inside the box going over the cross bar. May GOD bless you sir as you’ll be working hard to give us top 8 cup.

  4. Hey i still remember Maano at school (Ranokanayane CJSS) with Mr Mosipidi being the school Head coach assisted by the late Akuje. This boy! i dont remember missing any game they played, o kae Makwetenyane monna Ditshupo. I was over the moon when you signed for the Blues. God bless this young star and i wish him a long carrier in foot ball. (Please stay away from drugs)

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