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To be the best football team in Botswana and help transform the sport.


“Up the Blues” (Tse Tala) – “Popa Popa EA Ipopa”


Teamwork : Results focus; commitment to the same goal; trusting and supporting each other; loyalty to peers; the club and supporters.
Accountability : Adherence to agreed standard; to be ethical in conducting the team business.
Integrity : Fairness; Ethical; Trust; Honesty; Respect.
Professionalism : Knowledgable; Efficient; Skilled; commitment to development of the club.

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Gaborone : Plot 75783, Building 5, Setlhoa Office Park, Setlhoa Village, Gaborone.
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Township Rollers (Pty) Ltd Board Members
Jagdish Shah
Board Member
Walter Kgabung
Secretary To The Board
Bennett Mamelodi
Board Member
Kgosi Ngakaagae
Board Member
Bafana P. Pheto
Township Rollers Society Committee
Jagdish Shah
Walter Kgabung
Secretary General
Obert Kgathi
Nametsegang Lentswenyane
Public Relations Officer
Bafana P. Pheto
Additional Member
Pako Lebanna
Additional Member
Rebaone Moshabi
Management & Staff
Chief Executive Officer
Bennett Mamelodi
Nametsegang Lentswenyane
Executive Assistant
Simon Makole
Overall Head of Security
Moabi Matseke
Head of Team Security
Motlatsi Montsi
Security Officer
Tshwarelo Galekhutle
Head of New Media
Pako Lebanna
Gaonyadiwe Kediseng
Graphic Designer
Chris Kgaswe
Popo Baakanyang
Botumile Kwelagobe
Oarantse Thakadu
Moses Setshabelo



Botswana Premier League : 16 – 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1995, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Mascom Top 8 Cup Winners : 2 – 2012, 2018

Mascom Top 8 Cup Runners Up : 3 – 2014, 2015, 2016.

Barclays Kabelano Cup Winners : 5 – 2002, 2004, 2006, 2014 and 2015. (discontinued after 2015)

Coca Cola Cup Winners : 6 – 1979, 1993, 1994, 1996, 2005, 2010. (discontinued after 2011)

Gilbeys Cup : 3 – 1991, 1992 and 1996. (discontinued after 1996)



The team was formed back in 1961 in the town, Gaborone, by a group of men and women who worked for the Public Works Department(PWD), a unit of the government under the then Bechuanaland Protectorate. At its inception the team was named Mighty Tigers. Mighty Tigers was one of the first teams to be formed in Gaborone, which was to become the capital town of the country.

In 1965, a year before the country attained her independence from Britain; a meeting was convened to relook the name of the team. Some members in the team strongly felt that because the team was based in town, it should be called “Township”. These men, who formed Township, were at the time also involved in constructing internal roads in the town, Gaborone. They used compacting equipment called “Rollers” in constructing the roads. Therefore, it was agreed that the team should be called Township Rollers, a football team that was visioned to become a national power house and a pillar of the football fraternity in Botswana


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  1. I love popa

  2. Abel likes Popa

  3. Popa for life

  4. Happy now that popa has its own bus up the blues I love Popa

  5. Up the Blues, Palastina for lyf. Le fa o ka nthoma ka thogo wa isa maoto ame godimo Popa ke swa le yone.

  6. I wl alw love popa its a gud team 2 m popapapapapapapapapapa poa

  7. I love Popa Popa

  8. BIG up to the family… saw the new ammendments,thank you… we are ready for 2014/15!!!!
    …happy people are happy again… all the way

  9. i wish the blue nation managment can bring back mahala motang,he z one of da best goal keeper coaches in bots

  10. popa 4life wishn all the best guys…..

  11. I die for team popa. lets unite nd love each other forever

  12. hello mapalastina I luv u guyz I wl alwys luv popa til death bcoz um born in popas family

  13. ke rata se ke se bonang we are going digital

    • BORN 2 B BLUE N WL DIE BLUE,POPA 4 LIFE!!! Kip da gd wrk guys,w r bhind ya no matter da situationz incurrin. GD LUCK…


  15. i like popa

  16. Mr jagdish Shah……I wish to commend you sir….our performance so far is all because of you…you have remained resolute to the blue family despite the challenges our team is facing………

    I wish to assure you of our support ……come Jan 2016…..dust will have settled….you remain our sponsor….We have reached heights we never imagined……

    My only request to you sir… bring Thabo Motang back……the guy is a popa at heart and he still wants to contribute to the goal keeping department………Dambe and Masule are his products…we can never doubt his potential….he would still be with us if it was not of Sommi………

    Again…our fitness needs the Physical Trainer at UB… I don’t know why he left the blue nation…I guess for the same reason…Sommi

    Harsh…pls forward my comments to Jagdish

    “If you cant beat them follow them”……”Popa leads, the rest follow”…that’s the brand popa has come to be because of you…Thanks to you Jagdish

  17. Weekend post…….If anybody has to account for popa’s accounts , its Somerset………Since he took over the team before the arrival of Shah, there has never been a financial report produced despite several calls for such…….players have been sold across the boarder,,,,for how much we don’t know,,…..

    At the moment, though I don’t have proof, Shah has spent more or precisely too much on popa more then what the team can raise nor afford on its own,,,,,,,,players salaries have improved, general welfare is the best,,,,,,,,so many teams envy us…..so whatever reprt Shah has to produce will show that if anything Rollers owes him a lot while Somerset owes this team big time!!!

    Before we can buy Somerset out, as he suggest through the media, he should furnish popa family with a detailed financial report since he took over up to the time when Shah came in.

    Somerset’s time is up and the men must just leave this society in peace. Happy people will remain happy ever

    • WELL SAID en I personally agree with you. He must leave.

  18. popa 4 lyf up the blues

  19. proud supporter up the blues

  20. Morning to the Management and the Technical team…………
    A draw for yesterday game was better then nothing though I still believe we could have collected the three points,…..Edwin and Swere need more time play to excel in such games as yesterday as we desperately needed to widen the gap…..The guys are still good…..and we can go far with them…. Lets have them playing in the next two to three games consecutively

    I just learnt GU intends to release Thabo Motang…we need this guy back in our goal keeping coaching department…..we need to start grooming those to replace Dambe and Maposa and he remains the best for this aspect in the country……the guy is a popa at heart……please please lets grab him………

  21. May I please get contacts of Mr Pheto. Its business related and I would like to contact him ASAP.
    Thanx in advance.

  22. i will always love u popa no matter in good or bad condition
    guys we have to be proud of our team couz we are the only team to has high quality in botswana then orapa united comes next .

  23. I love Popa Whole Heartedly…Mme hela i didn’t hv the opportunity to buy a popa t shirt….but it will be alryt soon

  24. Team e tona e bosisi.

    • Bosisiiiiiii jackdish made us a

  25. Hello good people just wanna ask are we still gong to use the same replica jersey for this coming season JUST ASKING?You doing a good job by updating keep it up,God Bless you.

  26. they is no other team l can walk with only rollers THE POPA POPA FOR EVER WITH ME

  27. All the best to Popa in their group stages. History is made thanks to Jagdish.

  28. in palastinah i believe…CAF HELLO

  29. I’m a sports management student seeking fruitful employment. Please advise

  30. mie popa mie pride
    born blue lives yellow nd will die BLUE ND YELLOW
    i love Township Rollers

  31. I love my team township despite all odds….
    I wil foreva remain faithful to my team….what is the procedure for me to get a membership..thank u

  32. Up the blues! The blue nation, Popa Popa, The Bold and The Beautiful…. It’s not a team, it’s a culture….. It’s in my blood

  33. a big thanx to the Boys..They are doing a gud job hey…

  34. Keep it up boyz , none stop.History continues….

  35. Ke mang yo o thibang phatlha ya ga Maano Ditshupo
    Keagile KGOSIPULA is option for goal keeping
    Ke kopa le update squard ka nako

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